The Benefits of Learning Guitar for Your Mind & Body

playing guitar

There is nothing like music to soothe the soul.

To have a musical talent is a real gift, and none more so than being able to play the guitar.

Aside from the beautiful melodies that get produced, being able to play the guitar comes with many additional benefits that make it an instrument like no other.

Music benefits both the mind and body and playing guitar does the following:-

Reduce Your Stress Levels

It’s impossible to feel stressed when you listen to music. How many guitar players have you seen that look frustrated, tense and stressed when they’re strumming out melodies? None.

Increases Your Mental Agility

According to a Scottish study, anyone who plays a musical instrument is more likely to have sharper brain functions which can help prevent mental decline in the future as we grow older.

Bring People Together

Nothing connects us to another human being the way music does. You could have a complete group of strangers in a room, but the minute music is played, everyone has a shared mutual bond.

Improve Your Concentration

Learning to play the guitar isn’t as easy as it looks. You need to train your mind to be focused and disciplined to be able to read and learn the chords, and learning the different musical notes and chord progressions helps to improve your memory.

Reduce Your Depression and Anxiety

If you’re someone who is constantly worried and stressed all the time, maybe even suffering from depression, playing the guitar could be just what you need to soothe your anxious soul. There is nothing like being lost in the music to escape from reality for a while until you feel better.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

According to a study by Harvard Health, music – specifically relaxing music and ballads – have been shown to reduce your blood pressure levels.

Benefits of playing guitar infographic

But the best thing of all about playing the guitar? You are doing something that you love, and music lives on forever.

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