Bilingual Education For A Better Future


Bilingual education is becoming a norm, in today’s global society. The uninhibited flow of knowledge and communication across borders through technological advancements has created a situation where bilingualism and multilingualism have become a necessity.

As people, culture and language travel across borders and become parts of another culture, background and society, bilingualism prevails.

The lack of initiative to master bilingualism will result in a lack of knowledge, poor communication, and restrained growth in a country like Singapore where communication is done using more than one language.

While it is possible for you to learn a new language in university or while working, learning a new language apart from the mother tongue is better done while young. It is best done simultaneously with the first language.

This is because kids’ brains act as a sponge when they are young and make it easy for them to grasp the nuances of the languages.

Hence, it is crucial to ensure kids are enrolled in a bilingual preschool as soon as they are ready for learning.

The importance of bilingual education

  1. Bilingual education improves the cognitive ability by leaps and bounds

Bilingualism forces the switch from one language to another on a daily basis according to the situation the speaker is in and to whom the speaker is conversing. This switch results in enhanced attention span and multi-tasking capability.

Bilingualism also helps one to adjust better to environmental changes. This will be very handy in Singapore where one will have to deal with people from various backgrounds. Hence, giving them a bilingual education is the best way to kickstart your kid’s bilingual journey.

  1. Bilingual education guarantees academic achievements

Studies have proven time and again that bilingualism helps students to achieve remarkably in academics. This is because a bilingual student is said to be more focused and less distracted than a monolingual student when it comes to learning.

  1. Bilingual education provides an edge in the working environment

Being bilingual, one will have more job opportunities since multinational companies often use more than one language.

Apart from increased job opportunities, being bilingual will also enhance communication with colleagues and employers. Having no restriction to communicate in the working environment will get work done faster and without any complications.

Bilingualism also comes in handy during training, seminars and conferences which will add value to resume and increase chances of being promoted. Hence, it goes a long way in shaping a better future for your kid.

A life of brilliance

Enrolling your kid in a bilingual nursery in Singapore will definitely be a great investment for a bright future. Your kid will begin reaping the benefits of bilingualism immediately and until he is well into his adulthood.

An enhanced academic, social and working life is guaranteed with bilingual education right from childhood.

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