About Career Counselling You Need to Know

career counselling & development

Career counselling is basically a process that helps an individual to know and understand oneself along with guiding the individual in making the correct decision regarding their education & career. It also helps the individual in taking the right decisions in life as well. This counseling result in the development of the career and career development is actually a lifelong process that gets started when one is born.

Factors for career development

There are several factors that play a crucial role in terms of career development. The factors include:-

  • Personal interests of the individual.
  • Abilities of the person matter a lot in the development of the career.
  • The values instilled in the person play an important role in this case.
  • The personality of the individual is extremely important in choosing a career path.
  • The background of the person is another important factor that influences career development.
  • The current circumstances and the circumstances under which the person grew up are also vital in the determination of the career.

Keeping all these factors in mind, a career counseling process aims to provide the right and effective guidance in the selection of the career that suits the best for the person. One can find several career counseling services in Singapore which provides effective guidance to the needy.

Who needs career counselling?

As mentioned above, career development is a process that runs throughout the life and hence is of utmost importance. The service is appropriate for almost all which includes students, fresh graduates, the junior employee, a senior employee, one who is looking for a job are to name a few. It is basically useful to all. It is better to start to make decisions about one’s career and future as early as possible. Thus, the earlier one starts the better is the preparation for the future.

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