Experts Dish Instagram Ad Tips to Save You Major Embarrassment


With a Mediacom Cable Internet plan, you can learn a number of expert tips to improve your ad placement game on Instagram – so as to make your marketing drives more effective (and consequently less embarrassing on all fronts)

As per a recent report documented by, Instagram currently boasts around 800 million users worldwide, making it the 8th most widely used social media application globally. Such a large user base naturally makes way for the said online utility’s potential in being used as the online marketing platform of choice for many businesses; with this being particularly true in the case of those brands that essentially rely on a lot of visual promotion of their products & services. With a Mediacom Internet Plans, conducting your digital marketing ventures on Instagram becomes an even easier affair.

Instagram’s Appeal as an Online Marketing Tool of Choice

Instagram is different from other popular social media applications like Facebook and WhatsApp in that its platform is primarily built around non-textual multimedia (audio/video) promotion, which can be either personally or commercially motivated. In order to facilitate this end, the program’s developers have integrated a series of novel picture & video filter frames into its general accounts interface; which allow their users to assimilate a series of attractive frames and tweaks to make their visual material more attractive and effective (from a marketing standpoint).

Tips to Save You from Some Major Embarrassment

If you’re currently running an Instagram Ads campaign, the following tips (which are basically handy reminders for those in the ‘know’ of things) can help you greatly in alleviating the risks of incurring any embarrassing scenarios during its live tenure/duration. These have been compiled after carrying out extensive research on this subject through the Mediacom Channel Packages and Internet service.

These are all general stipulations that should help you to make the most out of your Instagram business account – and reap a high level of value in exchange for every dollar that you choose to spend from your ad spend budget.

Behold the List…

When you’re managing an ads campaign, you have to save face on a variety on ends; not the least of which is the issue of justifying the results of your marketing ventures to the sponsoring parties concerned.

  • Narrow-in on your exact target consumer groups with Instagram’s inbuilt audience filters, so as to ensure that your currency is only spent in conducting digital outreaches to individuals likely to convert
  • Keep ad graphics simple, so as not to obscure any textual elements that provide snap details of your advertised products and services
  • Keep track of the analytics – and redirect your targeting drives towards those audience groupings who have demonstrated a willingness to conduct purchases
  • Deploy variable ad examples to keep your audience’s interest sustained – such as posting a continual medley of shuffling text-only, graphics-only & combination adverts
  • Make use of satisfied customer testimonials from time-to-time, to establish brand repute and consumer confidence
  • Take tips from successful campaigns launched by those brands that align with your industry vertical – and try to replicate their success (by making use of similar advertising content protocols)

The Importance of Being Creative

One important point to remember, when conducting any online or traditional marketing campaign, is to remain fully creative and flexible at all times. An open mind can serve as the cultivating ground for a lot of superb ideas, which you need to bring out into the world.

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