Lessons from a ballet school that you can apply them at work

Learn ballet

Ballet is a beautiful dance that does not only teach you to dance gracefully and keep fit; there are lessons at work to be learned from a ballet school in Singapore.

Dancers learn to listen attentively

Ballet dancers depend on the musical rhythm and choreographers’ instructions on their gestures, moves and postures. This requires attentive listening skills. In real lives, people tend to forget the importance of paying attention to others’ opinion and voice. Being truly ‘present’ in conversations and meetings is imperative at work – You will be exposed to ideas you have never thought before and learn to see things from different perspectives. Moreover, listening to people intently makes you feel more welcomed by people as active listening will make people feel respected. No matter which profession or industry are you in – From arts to engineering, listening and constantly absorbing ideas are important to build good relationships with people.

Training in ballet school improve your face-to-face communication

Learning ballet is about direct contact and conversations with instructors, dancers and team members. As the world is getting more individualistic and competitive, face-to-face communication has been decreased as people all over the world are connected through technology and devices, be it emailing, texting, virtual offices, home offices, teleconferencing or instant messaging – These are not as effective as face-to-face collaboration. It is still vital to be able to communicate face-to-face effectively with friends and colleagues as nothing beats face-to-face communication when it comes to solving problems, team building and brainstorming. Through dancing ballet, dancers will be used to face-to-face interaction.

Ballet dancers know there is no shortcut to success

In order be successful in ballet examinations or performances, constant practice and rehearsal sessions are the only way – And ballet dancers know them very well. Practising is the only way to brushing up and improving the dance steps and techniques. Top dancers will always understand that there is no shortcut to success, it always takes diligence, determination and perseverance to achieve excellence. Dancers could apply this continuous effort at work; they would not take shortcuts or the easier way out to achieve what they want.

Lessons from a ballet school that you can apply them at work inforgraphic

In conclusion, ballet schools do not merely offer fitness and dancing techniques to students. In fact, they churn out high disciplined students and better communicators. Dancers that have mastered all the soft skills mentioned above have a higher chance to succeed at work as all the above are essential skills in the society.

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