Must-Know Interview Tips for Medical School

Medical school application interview tips

So you’ve passed or even aced the qualifying examination and now, you’re undergoing the medical school application process.

While it could be quite an accomplishment to do great in the examinations, the next step which you must take when it comes to wanting to study medicine is the interview.

Many students have felt high levels of nervousness about this, and it’s quite understandable.

This is why you’ll need to be sure you’re prepared for what’s up next.

Here are some of the practical interview tips:-

Know Your Motivation

Aside from having the aptitude for medicine as your career, the other factor which counts for your interviewers is your drive to study medicine.

Make sure your passion, your interest are towards medical and you do really live and breathe it.

Being a doctor is a vocation and a continuous decision to keep saving lives and treating people. Before getting ready for your interview, it would be necessary for you to consider whether this field is something you’d really want to pursue.

Understand the Interview Process

There are applicants who get surprised by a panel of interviewers when they thought the format will simply be a one-on-one type of set up. As soon as you get your invitation letter, it would be necessary to thoroughly read its details and that you know how each step will take place. Some universities actually have interview stations in a single session, and this alone can be quite daunting to interviewees especially when they’re unprepared.

Practise, Practise, and Practise Some More

Thankfully, there are a lot of sample questions which you can find online these days.

The trick is to compile the most prominent ones and practice your answers in front of family and friends who know you best.

There are standard questions which could be rehearsed, so you’ll be more confident in answering them.

In reality, you may never know how the actual interview may happen.

However since you have the advantage of practising for all sorts of questions, you’d be well-versed in sharing about yourself and your motivation to pursue a career in medicine.

Wear Comfy, Yet Presentable Clothes

While most universities do not really impose any clothing rules for students, it would still be best to attend your interview like you’re about to apply for a job.

This means you can wear smart casual outfits or even business attire, if the situation calls for it.

However, it’s mostly important to wear the presentable clothes which you’re comfortable in.

Having to adjust to your uncomfortable outfit is the last thing you’ll need when it comes to answering tough interview questions.

Lastly, you must make an effort to give a good impression to your interviewers, without being too hard sell.

Make sure you’ll be sincere and that you are yourself throughout the process. These tips can help you get started in preparing for your interview.

With preparation and constant practice, you’ll be more likely on your way to acing your interview session.

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