The Unstoppable – Social Media Addiction, is Actually Stoppable

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The addiction is real. Social media addiction, that is.

What is social media addiction?

It refers to the situation where someone spends too much time on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and others – So much that it affects the real social interaction and real life of the person.

You wouldn’t think social media will have such powerful impact, but it’s true, and if you have ever told yourself you’ll just check Facebook for 5 minutes, but 2 hours later you’re still scrolling through, yup that’s because it’s addictive.

Constantly feeling the need to check your social media several times a day is also a sign that the addiction is real, even if you think you may not be affected.

What we may not realise is that it isn’t entirely our faults.

In fact, social media was created in a way that keeps people wanting to come back repeatedly for more.

Yes, it is addictive, but with some willpower combined with the right strategies, we can slowly wean ourselves from this addiction and keep it to a healthy level.

#1 Start to be discipline – Set some limits when it comes to social media

Start small by setting some limits for yourself, such as making it a rule not to check social media when you’re eating, spending time with friends and family, or when it’s bedtime. Bear the rules in mind and stay off social media at those times that you’ve decided not to log onto social media.

#2 Make sure you log onto social media for A REASON

Instead of opening the applications for no reason, which many times happen when we’re bored, try to discipline yourself to do it only when there is a POSITIVE reason to check your social media – Killing boredom or passing time is definitely not one of the positive reasons.

There are many other ways than checking social media to pass time, reading a book is one of the most meaningful things to do. Otherwise, instead of scrolling your friends’ news feed, call them and meet them up.


#3 Taking a greater step – Change your notification settings or uninstall addicting apps

The best way to start cutting down on social media usage is to not have a reason to do so. So turn off those notifications that keep popping up on your phone and tempting you.

If you’re worried that you’ll be disconnected from the social world after uninstalling certain social media, hey, call your friends and respond offline! A simple mailed card has much more meaning to your friends nowadays than a messenger on Messenger!

#4 Stop posting excessively – What you at, where you at, what you wear doesn’t really matter

Sometimes people tend to post random and unnecessary stuff because they want attention. Admit it, almost everyone has been guilty of that once in a while, especially when you’re new to social media because the likes and comments can lift your mood. Cut down on the postings – What you’ve eaten today/Type of attire you’ve worn does not add much value to your life, unless it’s something really awesome or informational that you think people might find useful.

#5 Allocate time for digital detox

Digital detox is a time where a person refrains from using electronic devices such as laptops or phones. It reduces social media addictiveness, encourages social interaction in the real physical world and relieves stress. Often times, the urge to check social media to know what your friends are doing, compare and gauge who is living a better and happier life than you, how many likes and comments has your post attracted, etc make us mentally stressful. Give your mind, soul and body a break from all these stress and electronic devices.

Have a walk outside, breathe fresh air, hit the gym, visit a library, read a physical book – Are good ways to do a digital detox.

In short, the methods mentioned above are good ways to stop social media addiction. We urge you to enjoy every moment in your real life and minimise the ‘fake happiness’ that social media bring you.

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