Things to Learn from a Communication Degree (With Infographic)

learn photoshop through communication course

Are you blessed with the gift of gab? A flair for writing? Or does being in the spotlight and running around managing and organising events really make you feel alive?

Answering yes to any of these could be a sign that you’re destined to be a future communication degree student. There are so many benefits to be had by being a student learning to master the art and skill of communications that the list could go on forever. But how about for today, we take a look at the top 5 things that you can look forward to learning if you are thinking about enrolling in communication course:

  1. There’s a range of studying options to choose from Public relations, film and broadcasting, public communication, journalism, creative writing, radio and television, creative writing are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the areas you could explore in communications major. And even within those mentioned, there are specialised niches within those categories you could delve into. Talk about a wide range of options!
  2. You develop skills that are versatile – One of the best things about being a communications major is the countless abilities and skills you develop along the way because each segment will be interconnected with one another. For example, if you love public speaking, you would still need to develop writing skills to craft perfect press releases. The more skills you develop, the better your career opportunities.
  3. You determine what people see and hear – You literally hold the world in your hands. Everything you write, speak and broadcast is what everyone else around the world could potentially hear. You, in essence, are a part of shaping the world around you.
  4. You are a problem solver – When a crisis pops up in a company, who is the first person they are going to look towards to help solve the problem? That’s right. The person who is a communications graduate. Notice how it is always a PR spokesperson or representative that is the face of the company in times of crisis?
  5. Social media is your life – Being from a generation that is already inclined towards social media – or maybe your life already revolves around social media – this is going to be the best part of your future job.


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